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We specialize in placing English
speaking Housekeepers and
Nannies who maintain and clean
a private household in Egypt. 
A Housekeeper may live-in or
live-out, and may be employed
on either a full-time or a
part-time basis.

What are the responsibilities of a Housekeeper?
A Housekeeper's primary responsibility is to keep the home clean and orderly. There is a wide range of duties that may fall under the housekeeper's responsibilities. Typical duties may include the following:

- Cleaning the interior of the home
- Laundering clothes and household linens
- Serving meals for the household
- Assisting with the cooking and serving for special events
- Running errands including the grocery shopping
- Changing out the bed and household linens
- Keeping the household supplies fully stocked
- Making the beds
- Polishing the silver
- Mending clothes
- House-sitting while the employer is out of town
- Occasional childcare duties

What is the salary range for a Housekeeper?
Salary is usually based on many factors: the amount of experience the candidate brings to the position, Nationality and the duties and hours included in the job description. Housekeepers generally earn between $450 and $700 per month, plus benefits.

How much is the commission for the office?  
The Housekeeper can spend a four day trial to see if both parties suit each other. After the trial days are completed and both parties are happy with each other, the office will collect the one-time
placement fee which is equal to the salary of the Housekeeper.

Do I have any replacement guarantee?
We are proud to offer one of the best replacement guarantees around, and within one month, if the initial candidate turns out to be unsuitable for any reason, we will conduct a second search without additional charge.

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